“What we create is a reflection of our perception. Life is beautiful: an experience of continual awe, wonder and love. I seek to share this view with the world artistically, Image by Image.”


Exploring ImageALE photography (Cityscape and Landscape) creations.


Capturing stunning and iconic Cityscape Photography is always the artistic focus for ImageALE. Focusing on urban elements, creating magical effects by using long exposure (long duration shutter speed) and blending different types of pictures into a single, unique image.  Long exposure photography can better record the elements of a scene and yield images often associated with fine art photography that are truly artistic images.

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The tendency to stop and look at the beautiful scenery around you and freeze nature in one picture is the goal with Landscape Photography by ImageALE.   Understanding and using angles and perspectives in capturing images of the rising and setting sun (and moon) enable to capture the beauty of the phenomena and preserve each unique, natural moment in a stunning image.

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The process of capturing moving images in a unique way, always looking for the perfect transitions to be viewed as a movie scene.  Filming videos (timelapse and hyperlapse), like a cityscape with the moving traffic, or even clouds and fog rolling around mountain tops.

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The travel information for some of the most extraordinary places that Alexandre Olive had found.  This informative guide will provide plenty of useful tips for anyone planning a trip.  The images will entice you to visit these amazing locations.  (All the images are by ImageAle.)

Havasupai Guide


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