Cloudy Sunset at the Hopi Point in the Grand Canyon


When you are looking at landscape photography, it doesn’t only entail capturing plants or trees. It involves the natural scenery as seen through Alexandre Olive’s eyes and lenses.

The famous Big Sur Coast in California.

The pictures of nature as viewed from the eyes of the photographer. Contrary to what many people believe, nature photography is not only restricted to capturing the images of trees and plants, but rather includes any outdoor natural aspect including hills, waterfalls, and even the sky. I love the opportunity to spend time being patient to click the right picture.

Natural Paint

Mountains, rocks, and geysers with a variety of natural colors to enhance every image.

California National Parks

Inspired by redwoods, forests, caves, deserts, and lakes, California has a huge variety of National Parks and Monuments to explore throughout the year.

SoCal Coast

Inspired by birds, piers, parks, and some secret areas to make the right composition, seascape can be really addictive.


The tendency to stop and look at the beautiful scenery around you and freeze nature in one picture is the goal with Landscape Photography by ImageALE. Understanding and using angles and perspectives in capturing images of the rising and setting sun (and moon) enable us to capture the beauty of the phenomena and preserve each unique, natural moment in a stunning image.


There are many reasons shooting during the winter can be very outstanding; however, the most interesting aspects are better light, the greatest chance to catch some fog and making an ethereal landscape, and finally the dramatic effect of a scene covered in ice.

Yosemite Package

Explore some of Alexandre’s photos during the winter and mesmerize at how majestic the Yosemite National Park can become especially during the most famous February FireFall event.

Time-lapse of the epic natural phenomenon called Fire Fall at the Yosemite National Park in California.

Red Rocks

Exploring another world inside of Earth is a different experience every time.

Time-lapse of an epic morning at Monument Valley in Arizona with low fog rolling around the rock formation called the Hand of God.

Spring and Fall

Autumn and Spring is the right opportunity if you love colors and mood.

The Grand Teton

If you are looking to capture landscape and wildlife photography, the Grand Teton is the place.

Click the link to watch the timelapse showing the explosion of colors in the sky at during sunset in the Grand Teton National Park.

Utah Collections


Whether it’s a waterfall, city building, a bird in flight, or a sunset over the sea, nature images grab our attention and draw us in. A form of expression through alive photography experience.

The contrast of fog and snow helps make a really dramatic scene that can usually be elusive in classical black and white photography.

Wyoming Parks


Focuses on animal behaviors in the wild. You need the patience to click the right picture.



This challenging style of photography as the photographer makes Alexandre enthusiastic as it requires combining images in mosaics with a lot of patience, passion, and correct sense of timing for the perfect artistic image.

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