Moonrise in Los Angeles California

Capturing stunning and iconic Cityscape Photography is always the artistic focus for ImageALE. Focusing on urban elements, creating magical effects by using long exposure (long duration shutter speed) and blending different types of pictures into a single, unique image.  Long exposure photography can better record the elements of a scene and yield images often associated with fine art photography that are truly artistic images.

California Moon

The technique is to shoot most of the time during the twilight to get the best composition of the bright moon with the skyline.

Stacking Clouds

The technique is to shoot more than 20-40 images with the same frame. Stack all together during post production to get a smooth and colorful sky.

Burning Skies

The beautiful art of making the dynamic range work perfectly to capture the brightest parts and shadows during the sun setting or rising.

Snow Peaks

The famous technique of compressing a scene and making subjects appear closer to each other is achieved through telephoto lenses; for example, mountains appearing closer to the cities.



The photography where pictures are captured from a higher altitude, in this case, using drones, helicopters or even airplanes to provide a larger view of the subject and its background.

The California Icons

Skyscrapers and high rise buildings in the state of California, featuring the new Wilshire Grand Center at 1,100 ft (340) located in Los Angeles City.

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Golden Gate Bridge

The world famous longest suspension Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.

Urban Lights


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