These types of photos are interesting as the viewer gets to see some most of aspects that cannot be seen by the naked eye but making an interesting form, shape or color of the structure can be visually appealing.

The two challenging aspects while shooting are lighting and image distortion; however, shooting during a certain moment of the day with natural light it’s possible to capture the fa├žade of the building and you will have the best use of it to bring out the glamorous aspect architectural.

Rhode Island

The real estate photography’s focus to provide less distortion and emphasize a natural space with the right composition, lighting, and editing. The time of day and weather conditions are critical factors for the best results.  Sometimes supplemental lighting and manual compositing or blending are often required to deliver the best results.

Los Angeles

Commercial photography has the first critical impact and can make a drastic impression for any potential tenant, broker or investor. Even the most unattractive buildings can engage more people and pique interest with the right use of photography.

Venice Beach

The real estate pillars that Alexandre Olive believes to benefit your business are the quality crucial to impress and make excite potential buyers and finally visual because your property definitely will get more views on-site and online. Choose the right professional and avoid issues. Alexandre has been working +10 years in the real estate, he knows what will be the best for you.

Idaho Falls

Commercial video about a house completely remodeled in Idaho Falls to help the realtor increase the exposition to make advertisements. The house is a treasure and ImageALE will help with the expertise to develop the right product for you.

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