“I have been inspired by aerial views since I took my first flight on an airplane for skydiving.  When I saw the view and possibility I wondered to myself how I could share this incredible view of how the world looks from this birds-eye perspective.”


Aerial photography is a kind of photography where pictures are captured from a higher altitude; in this case, using drones, helicopters or even airplanes to provide a larger view of the subject and its background.

High Obliques

High Obliques include a view of the horizon, taken as wide or close-up images.

Low Obliques

In addition, we have the Low Obliques, which do not include a view of the horizon.


Vertical shots look above the subject and are useful for looking down to see the general overview of large areas.


Close-up shots are taken as close as required to fill the frame with the subject to create impact or capture maximum detail.


Wide shots are usually to show the subject with surroundings. Maybe showing, for example, the road and get all the infrastructure features in the frame.


The art of showing the true aspects of cities. It is often known as the urban equivalent of a landscape for example buildings and city skylines that are less urban in nature.


The Icons

Skyscrapers and high rise buildings in the state of California featuring the new Wilshire Grand Center at 1,100 ft (340) located in Los Angeles City.

Images can become more attractive with a different view and amplify the scenery on a large piece of property. In addition, a bird-eye view can allow the viewer a better perspective of the size and the surrounding landscape.

The Fog Cityscape

Why the Fog? Probably because it inspires breathtaking pieces of art and is usually unique. I really believe the mysterious atmosphere is perfect to capture a magical moment and feels like being inside a magical kingdom in the sky.

Los Angeles – City of Angels

The city has moments and experiences that can be so pleasant and unbelievably magical. The famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood, the perfect skyline located in the heart of the city, and being without boundaries to explore around to find your perfect and special alignment for photography.

The City of Angels by @ImageALE.

San Francisco – Fog City

There are so many reasons this city is so famous, but definitely because of the atmosphere created by the fog named Karl and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.

The Fog City by @ImageALE during a sunrise.

In addition, the location of the city being between so many high areas such as Berkley, Oakland, Marin, and even San Mateo gives the advantage during clear days to make beautiful compositions with the moon or sun at sunrise or sunset (depends on your location).

Video, Timelapse, and Hyperlapse


What is the difference between a Timelapse and Hyperlapse?

According to my last researches, Timelapse is the action in a scene when the camera is static; however, Hyperlapse has no limitations because the camera can be moved with also movements and certain angle changes.

Timelapse is the most common and popular, and I am always shooting in RAW image format so I can enhance and maintain a high quality of my final version.

Hyperlapse examples to better understand this hyper-fast, ultra-smooth timelapse videos with stabilization technology (using apps) that help me to create a cinematic look with professional quality.

Aerial offers the opportunity to the view of buildings and landscapes that cannot be captured from the ground, especially to show overall views of large buildings or the surrounding landscape.


This is my favorite video made during the annual tradition in the city of San Francisco with the spectacular fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

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